WTF is Smudging and why you should try it NOW

I’m sure you’ve all heard the claims – burning sage clears the air and rids the space of negative energy. This is especially done when moving into a new home or starting a business. Because burning dried sage or palo santo is known to clear the air of any stagnant energy allowing for successful new beginnings.

This ancient practice used in Native American culture referred to as smudging has become increasingly popular as people seek more natural alternatives that align better with nature and self.

It is used in spiritual practices to raise intuition

I personally love the instant mood lifter that burning sage or palo santo provides. It’s best when you open the window to allow the air to move things along. Play some healing sounds whatever that means to you, remember wellness rituals are highly personal and no one way is the right way. What feel right to you. Do plenty of that. I particularly play music, open the windows and especially do this after a bath at times if I’m feeling fancy I play my singling bowls and roll an elegant J.