Incorporating Cannabis into my Self Care Routine


With so much to always do we tend to put off the time we deserve to give back to ourselves. Like taking a moment of silence and truly relaxing. Turning off all our tech devices. Completely unplugging from the outside world and tuning in to check in with ourselves. That deep relaxation and true state of rejuvenation. Sometimes hard to reach especially if you live in a fast paced city like New York. It’s a constant hustle and bustle. We rarely stop and smell the flowers.. pun intended. Getting into a deep relaxation can feel like a challenge. But it really doesn’t have to be.

When I’m at the end of my rope I create a zen environment at home. It’s easy to do and so satisfying. I always reach a state of deep relaxation and I encourage you to try it.

  • Start by putting your phone on airplane mode and turning on the zen music. Light some scented candles. Burn some palo santo or sage and start to feel chill.
  •  Dim all the lights or turn them completely off.  Make sure to take deep breaths in between stretches. Pull out the foam roller and concentrate on the areas that hurt the most.
  •  Drinking lemon water and taking a few tokes of a relaxing herb is truly essential. You’re finally ready to set into a nice meditative pose. Adding cannabis to this ritual always helps me relax on a deeper level. I’m able to let go with ease.
  • After the meditation finish the night with a restorative soak. 

Everything about this evening is supposed to be easy. It’s just you tuning the world out and finding your center. You can reach great clarity with this meditation and bath soak. A mind at ease. A body relaxed. A soul fulfilled. Take time for yourself as often as you need.