How To Beat Insomnia & Get Better Sleep

Getting the body and the mind ready for sleep when all you’ve been doing is laying around at home quarantined is hard af. I know that there is no rest for the weary, as they say. Now more than ever it is necessary to give your mind and body some much needed rest. So we have some suggestions to help you get your best sleep ever.

  • Unplug – First thing’s first, disconnect from all electronic devices. Your phone, laptop or tablet. It’s hard to do but very necessary. Do you really need to scroll through your feed? This behavior heightens anxiety and doesn’t promote sleep. So let it go until tomorrow I guarantee you aren’t missing anything.
  • Create A Zen Space – You know how hotels offer turn down service? Well you can do the same at home. Dim the lights. Fluff your pillows. Spray them with a lavender scented aroma. Light some candles. It’s easier to ease into a relaxing mood when you set the stage.
  • Stretch Your Body – Stretching always gives me a wonderful and rewarding feeling instantly. So give the body a much needed stretch it works wonders. Here are some stretches you can do that promote sleep from
  • A Rub Down with Essential Oils – This always works for me. I love to rub my legs, hands, upper back with an essential oil to help my body relax even deeper after a stretch. You can use whatever massage oil you swear by or this great one from Tonic CBD.
  • Read A Relaxing Book – I like 18th century literature but this is highly subjective so find what works for you. Try not to read any anxiety inducing pieces, keep it light and sweet. Stick with something soothing.
  • Just Relax – Remember that you’re in control. Do what feels good. Take a hot bath or shower. Meditate. Deep Breaths. Whatever helps you sink into relaxation do it. Wether it’s taking some CBD or smoking a bowl. We are all creatures of habit. So start developing habits to help you sleep better. The world needs you healthy and rested.