Give your Hands the Love they Need

Have you washed your hands as often as I have this year? Leaving them dry and hopeless in the face of a pandemic, even cracking on the creases. Going through hand cream like it’s no ones business and still coming up short. Now that the winter months are approaching it’s imperative I take care of my cracking hands. Before the dead of winter claims them completely leaving me with a bad case of extreme dryness and pain. I’ve been there. It is why I feel compelled to share what I’ve learned.

Our hands do pretty much everything for us like roll and hold our J’s, I mean if it wasn’t for our hands we’d be extremely limited! And yet, very rarely do we even acknowledge and give them the love they deserve. I am so guilty of this, not shaming you. But hey, it needed to be said. If you roll, smoke, and continuously use your phone draining the battery. It’s time you took a break from all said activities to give your hands a little rest and recovery.

We have some recommendations that will help you get your hands soft, supple and back to their glory.


A good soak for your hands to get them nice and relaxed. You can simply make it at home with a few ingredients like epsom salt, essential oils and your favorite CBD tincture.

A great moisturizing hand cream. I’m currently using one from Lush. It’s very rich and leaves my hands a bit greasy so it forces me to take a break from touching things.

Signed, Sealed and Delivered. Gloves are the finishing touch. They keep the moisturizer intact and ensure you get deeper hydration. Keep them on for as long as you can 20 minutes minimum.

I do this every other night but if I really need it at times nightly. The whole thing takes about 30 minutes and who can’t spare 30 minutes? Get into the habit of practicing this type of care now so that during the winter months when your hands will need it most you’ll already be ahead of the game. Trust me, dealing with the harsh cold weather of the outdoors and the indoor dry air of the heaters and not to mention the many, many times we’ll be washing our hands is enough to bear.