Finding Your Ideal Cannabis Delivery Method

One of the many wonderful things that cannabis has to offer is that it is highly individualized. Finding your perfect dose as well as the best delivery method all depends on your desired effects and what it is you’re aiming for. Because cannabis can be enjoyed recreationally as well as taken medicinally there are an array of options one can choose. And now with Cannabidiol (CBD) in the mix it’s a total game changer. CBD is the non-psychoactive compound found in hemp or cannabis plants. It has many health benefits and has rapidly become the most talked about topic in wellness. 

Traditionally cannabis is widely enjoyed smoked or vaporized through different devices, pipes or rolled into a joint. The effects are felt instantly which is probably why it’s a favorite. Cannabis can also be eaten in foods or sweets – ingestion will result in slower absorption. We all have that one friend with a terrible edibles story. I didn’t feel it so I kept eating. Yes. You want to start slow with edibles and test your tolerance responsibly.

Flowers and Concentrates always give you immediate effects. Concentrates are more potent and as the name suggests it’s a concentrated form that comes in oil, wax, shatter or rosin. This is recommended for people that need heavy pain management or for more seasoned cannabis consumers. Typically you would vaporize the concentrated form making it a discreet way to medicate and at times portable.

Tinctures are taken sublingually (under the tongue) usually has an onset of 15-30 minutes. Tincture just like edibles offer a discreet way to enjoy cannabis. When consumed in food or sweets as edibles they are absorbed through the stomach and GI tract and have a less-rapid onset. If consumed on a full stomach they may take even longer to take effect. Always start slow with edibles and wait adequate time to feel it’s full effects.

Suppositories are extremely effective at reliving pain instantly without the psychoactive effects because this method does not bypass the liver it is absorbed directly you reap the benefits of pain relief without the high. Topicals just like suppositories don’t provide the psychoactive effects they come in balms and creams that are infused with THC or CBD for pain management. You can apply directly to the affected area for instant relief.