5 Low Maintenance Plants Perfect for your Apartment

There are so many things you can do to make your home a special place. Keep it tidy and clean. Add natural textures, decorative pieces that are just as fictional, and plush bedding, elements that makes a home cozy and warm. Another great way to bring in a serene vibe is to add greenery. Plants, with their therapeutic qualities and air purifying power make a wonderful addition to any space. While you may think you’re too busy to care for plants that is no excuse to not adorn your home with some relaxing green. All it takes it a bit of watering and some careful positioning and you can have your own garden oasis at home.

We’ve rounded up a list of super low maintenance plants that fit well in any city dwellers humble abode.

SNAKE PLANTS These sansevieria plants are such a beauty with their architectural appeal. These babies are super easy to care for. They hardly need water and don’t take direct sunlight. This is a low light plant that is super resistant and thrives in dire environments.

BIRD’S NEST FERN Because you need a nice variety of green these pretty plants add just that. I’ve kept mine bedside for a subtle pop of green. They’re easy to live with since they need indirect sunlight and require water weekly. I kept it near the window at first and the sunlight made the leaves pale green.

POTHOS No home garden is complete with what is arguably the easiest plant to care for and perfect for beginners, Pothos plant. It can live in soil as well as water and grows in such a graceful way. They are super easy to propagate and are truly a fun plant. These babies also require low light and moderate watering.

FIDDLE LEAF TREE This Ficus Lirata has the most stunning leaves. They are lush and shiny hence the name Fiddle Leaf because it resembles a violin. While this beauty may require a bit more attention – bright light, warmth (doesn’t do well in the cold) and water only when it’s thirsty. The Lirata plant branches and grows into an elegant small to midsize indoor tree. Making it the perfect addition to any indoor jungle.

ALOE Last but not least an this succulent has so many benefits. No home is complete without an Aloe Plant. They are super easy to grow and care for. Make sure to give it enough sunlight and only water when the soil is dry. So, a lot of light and little water for indoor care. They make pretty house plants with added benefits. You can use the gel in the plant for it’s many benefits, aloe Juice anyone? or use it topically to relive minor burns.